NOCIt/CEESIt Software

We provide the NOCIt and CEESIt modules at no cost to local, state and federal forensic DNA laboratories or entities pursuing research, forensic validation or education for non-commercial purposes.

NOCIt/CEESIt does not include basic support or training. Basic and Advanced training programs, validation support or a full license are available upon request for a fee. For additional information, please contact LFTDI Team Leader Catherine M. Grgicak at

Restrictions and Terms

  • Academic and Research licenses are intended for teaching, research or validation.
  • Under the Academic and Research license, this program is distributed without any warranty. While we have attempted to ensure that NOCIt and CEESIt work properly in most scenarios, NOCIt and CEESIt are offered “as is.” We recommend that users validate the software using a combination of their own data and the PROVEDIt Dataset.
  • Academic and Research licenses are not intended for commercial, for-profit,  clinical, casework or consulting pursuits. To use NOCIt or CEESIt for commercial, clinical, casework or consulting purposes, training and a full license including validation support is required.
  • Re-distribution of NOCIt/CEESIt to other agencies or institutions is not permitted.
  • Training, additional validation support and full licenses may be obtained after initial NOCIt/CEESIt testing or validation by contacting Catherine M. Grgicak at
  • If NOCIt or CEESIt are used to generate results which are published, we request the following original publications be acknowledged,

Request a Copy of NOCIt/CEESIt

To obtain NOCIt/CEESIt contact Dr. Grgicak at Please indicate the purpose for this request and the intended use of NOCIt/CEESIt. A LFTDI team member will contact you with additional information.