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Innovating methods to simplify the interpretation of low-level signal obtained from complex environments



LFTDI Part-time Job Opening for M.S. Students: Research Assistant

M.S.-level Job Description: M.S. level Part-time Research Assistant open to all Plan A (thesis-track) enrolled M.S. or 4th-Year B.S./M.S. Students in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology or Forensic Sciences. Starts Fall 2019. $12/hour; flexible 15-20 hours/week. Up to 2 years. Data may be used toward M.S. thesis, if applicable. Training in and duties include, nucleic acid extraction, …


LFTDI and the Department of Chemistry acquire Ion S5 for Forensic Sequencing and Human Identification

LFTDI acquires an Ion S5 and Chef NGS system for forensic applications. The technology will be used to build a dynamic model of the entire NGS pipeline, which will be used to optimize the NGS process for efficient and reliable forensic data generation in a cost effective manner.