PROVEDIt Software

ValiDNA combines ReSOLVIt, CleanIt, CALLIt, NOCIt and CEESIt capabilities into one package  Obtain a Copy

Download an Example of a NOCIt Report
Download an Example of a CEESIt Report
FTCoE webinar and demonstration on NOCIt

ValiDNA includes:

  1. Batched processing
  2. Individual pdf reports include the a posteriori probability distributions on the number of contributors, likelihood ratios and likelihood ratio histograms
  3. Batched summary reports
  4. Peak-height  based models
  5. Models for degradation/ inhibition and differential degradation/inhibition
  6. Optional application of an analytical threshold
  7. Automatic artifact filtering
  8. ‘Calibration’ GUI that allows full visualization of model fits
  9. compute the signal-to-noise resolution and allele/noise error detection rates for multiple laboratory scenarios through simulation allowing laboratories to quickly and effectively choose optimal analytical thresholds and PCR/injection conditions.

CleanIt     Download

An automated procedure for filtering
pull-up, complex pull-up, and
minus A artifacts from an electropherogram


GGETIt     Download

Genotype Generator & Evaluation Tool

A simulator that outputs the
minimum number of contributors based on
allele counts and compares it against
the known number of contributors


SEEIt     Download

Simulating Evidentiary EPGs

A dynamic model, in StellaTM,
that simulates the entire forensic process
and produces simulated, well-characterized,
electropherograms for up to six contributors