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NOCIt/CEESIt version 3.1 includes:

  1. Batched processing
  2. Individual pdf reports include the a posteriori probability distributions on the number of contributors, histograms of the likelihood ratios, as well as the probability that the likelihood ratio is greater than one for randomly generated genotypes
  3. Batched summary reports for large sample sets in CSV format
  4. Substantially reduced run times
  5. Peak-height  based models
  6. Models for degradation/ inhibition and differential degradation/inhibition
  7. Optional application of an analytical threshold
  8. Automatic artifact filtering capabilities
  9. ‘Calibration’ GUI that allows full visualization of all calibration data and model fits

CleanIt     Download

An automated procedure for filtering
pull-up, complex pull-up, and
minus A artifacts from an electropherogram


GGETIt     Download

Genotype Generator & Evaluation Tool

A simulator that outputs the
minimum number of contributors based on
allele counts and compares it against
the known number of contributors


SEEIt     Download

Simulating Evidentiary EPGs

A dynamic model, in StellaTM,
that simulates the entire forensic process
and produces simulated, well-characterized,
electropherograms for up to six contributors