Interpretation and Emerging Software

Lun and Grgicak license NOCIt to SoftGenetics, LLC to market NOCIt

LFTDI software includes:  ReSOLVItTM, CleanItTM, CALLItTM, NOCItTM, CEESItTM and EESCItTM 

Download an Example of a NOCItTM Report
Download an Example of a CEESItTM Report


LFTDI software capabilities:

  1. Batched processing
  2. Individual pdf reports include the a posteriori probability distributions on the number of contributors, likelihood ratios and likelihood ratio histograms
  3. Batched summary reports
  4. Peak-height  based models
  5. Models for degradation/ inhibition and differential degradation/inhibition
  6. Optional application of an analytical threshold
  7. Automatic artifact filtering
  8. ‘Calibration’ GUI that allows full visualization of model fits
  9. Automated lab treatment optimization through simulation allowing laboratories to quickly and effectively choose optimal analytical thresholds and PCR/injection conditions
  10. End-to-end single cell interpretation solutions